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5 Months of Menu Ideas

By Britt Richardson

Hello, friends, Britt Richardson from A Full Bite Nutrition here. As a nutritionist, I love the fresh produce delivered from Ananda Gardens, and as a busy professional and parent, I love easy, quick menu ideas. I also hate it when food goes to waste because I didn’t plan my meals very well.

So, Ananda Gardens and I are collaborating to create five flexible meal ideas for each month to give you inspiration for using all of the fresh, nutritious food in your CSA share. If you’re ever at a loss for menu creativity, I’ve got your answer. These ideas will help you turn what you find in your weekly bag into fabulous meals! Follow the links to see Melisa’s favorite recipe ideas.

Meal #1: Spectacular Salad. Use any tender greens or lettuce as your base, adding radishes, bits of herbs, a protein (edamame, chicken, tofu, etc.), seeds or nuts for a crunch, and any colorful addition from your veggie drawer or fruit bowl. I especially like strawberries or blueberries in a spinach salad, and pears or apples match well with baby kale.

Meal #2: Pasta with Greens. Boost the nutrition of your pasta dinner by adding greens to your sauce. Kale or chard is a great addition to your homemade pesto (substitute ½ the basil for greens) and chopped spinach easily cooks quickly in on the stovetop in a jarred (or homemade) sauce.

Meal #3: Burgers with Homemade Pickles. Wondering how to use up turnips or radishes before they soften? A quick brine makes these veggies a delicious side or topping to your favorite burger. Good news: your pickled veggies keep for weeks in the brine!

Meal #4: Egg Bake. Whether you like a quiche with a delicate crust or a hearty breakfast bake, adding greens and herbs to your baked egg dish amps up flavor and vitamins A, C, and K, as well giving the dish a boost in fiber.

Meal #5: Wrap It Up. Use your collard greens (stems removed) to wrap up your favorite fillings, burrito style. From beans and rice to sandwich fillings, using these hearty greens as roll-ups gives you one more way to increase your veggie consumption for the day.

Britt Richardson has being an Ananda Gardens CSA Member since 2016. She has a degree in Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science and has been working with clients to improve their health for 19 years. She is passionate about body positivity and delicious food from local farms and is currently completing her dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. You can contact her at (her website is currently under development).

Photo by Jennifer Kramer, a happy CSA member since 2016.

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