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Early Bird registration is OPEN!

2024 CSA

Early Bird Registration

3 Seasons CSA

34 Weeks/8 months of Fresh Vegetables

April-November 2024

Spring CSA

8 weeks/April to June

Summer CSA

16 weeks/June to September

Fall CSA

10 weeks/ September to November

PAY for your 2024 CSA

by December 21st and

get the 2023 prices

*Note: Starting December 21st we will raise prices for 2024

2024 CSA Sign up Here!

Discount will only apply for full payments of check, cash, venmo, and credit card received on or before December 21st of 2023. Not valid for check payment plan.

Our price increase for next year follows the market tendency and will allow us to continue offering fresh and local food to our community. Thanks for your understanding!

By paying in advance for your 2024 CSA you help us plan ahead and purchase supplies for next year.

Knowing how much food we will grow for our community in advance is a great help for our family farm.

It gives us a sense of hope and security. Allows our farm to have income in the coldest months of the year, helping us endure the challenges of the winter.

With your early contribution we are able to buy the appropriate farm inputs now, so they are here when we need them in early Spring. We buy our greenhouse crop seeds, many items like tomatoes and peppers require many dollars per plant to seed and grow in the heated greenhouse. We also buy heating fuel, potting soil, and fertility inputs like straw, woodchips, etc.

Your support allows us to buy supplies needed to grow the varieties of vegetables that we all love and spread out both the income and expenses of the farm.

We are so appreciative for your support during the time that we need it the most!

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Dear community,

We have taken some time to write this message waiting to have more clarity of the situation ahead of us.

As today July 11 at 5 pm we have been closed for the day. Yesterday we experienced a flash flood coming from some clogged culverts uphill of the farm that sent a raging stream into our driveway onto our field. It could have had devastating impacts for our crops and our home, but with the help of neighbors and the East Montpelier roads crew the situation was controlled as quickly as we could safely divert the water and everything is now under control.

Many of you have been calling or contacting us showing us your support in this difficult time. We have to say that we are blessed to have you, our community, and be a part of this resilient landscape. We are on high enough ground that the waters of the reservoir, while a huge threat to Montpelier, are not threatening the fields of our farm.

We are concerned and worried about our community members in downtown Montpelier and the areas that due to the storm are now inaccessible.

We are also concerned about the safety of our farmily crew and how feasible it is for them to come to work soon to tend the crops and harvest.

We have heard from Rise Up Bakery that they experience big damages in their facilities and they are assessing the size of their losses.

As the flood has made many areas impossible to access our CSA deliveries will have to be on hold until we have more information about the reopening of roads.

Our aim is to deliver this week even if it is later than Wednesday. As of today we are not certain what will happen and what will make the most sense for all of us.

Access to and from our farm is very limited. The road across the Wrightsville dam is washed out between the dam and the farm, and many of the roads uphill from us are also impassable. We will wait for the coming days to let our CSA community know when and how we will reopen our farm stand.

Our aim is to be here for our community as much as we can, in the best way we can, to support your needs and continue providing the fresh and delicious food that is resiliently growing in these blessed fields for you.

As soon as we know more we will be contacting you with more details on how we will proceed.

If you need personal assistance or access to a shelter, please remember the state emergency line is available to us all by calling 211. There are emergency shelters across the state. You can also visit for resources.

Map of road closures:

Current river levels and forecast:

We pray for all of us to breathe deeply in this time of fear, loss, and uncertainty. May the songs of the birds remind us that cycles of nature are both beautiful and beyond our control. We also need to do everything we can as a community to prepare for future floods now as this is becoming a more frequent occurrence. May the sunshine allow us to see beyond sorrow and despair with hope in our hearts to count the blessings of life, community, and love.

With gratitude and hope in this difficult times,

Ananda, Melisa, Munay, and Patrick

The Ananda Gardens Family

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