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Enhance your Summer CSA
with our gourmet Add-ons

Artisanal freshly baked bread from

Rise Up Bakery

Add artisanal freshly baked bread from Rise Up Bakery.

We offer Pain au Levain ($7.75) and Flax Rye Bread ($8.75).

These breads are crafted with the best quality, organic ingredients, created following traditional recipes. They are the perfect pairing for our fresh and delicious produce. 

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Introducing our latest partnership

The Ananda Gardens Legacy Roast

by Big Gear Coffee from Montpelier, VT

Our Ananda Gardens Legacy Roast Coffee is a high altitude coffee (1,200-1,600 Mts.)  that comes from the volcanic highlands of Santa Ana, El Salvador (The same place where Melisa, co-owner of Ananda Gardens was born). This medium roast delicious, aromatic, balanced and full of flavor specialty coffee comes to you thanks to our partnership with Big Gear Coffee Roasters. A Montpelier based family owned business.

“ I was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador and spent my summers there my entire childhood. My family (aunts, uncles, cuisines, etc.) still live there. I go to visit every year and I do know very well the mountains, the communities and the terroir of this coffee. I have learned (and believe) that Coffee from El Salvador is one of the best coffees in the world!

We asked Paul Dyton, owner of Big Gear Coffee to carry and roast this coffee exclusively for us. We named this coffee ‘The Ananda Gardens Legacy Roast' as this name can speak a little bit of what coffee from El Salvador means to us, and the purpose of sharing with our community this particular flavor and taste of such an important place for us that hold us to envision the Ananda Gardens project. This is the same coffee that we drink when we go every winter to recharge so we can come back to Vermont with the same passion and enthusiasm for farming.

I am very excited and grateful about this partnership!”  

 Melisa Oliva - Co-Owner of Ananda Gardens

By buying your coffee with us you are helping to strengthen our local economy supporting local family business. For us it is very important to know where our food comes from and be able to support the whole production process. By choosing to buy this coffee you are supporting fair exchanges that create solidarity between different farmers and consumers.

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