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Ananda Gardens and NOFA-VT Share Program

Accepting Applications for Summer CSA until April 30th.

If you or someone you know needs help to access fresh produce this summer. We want to share that we are partnering with NOFA-VT to make this possible.

The NOFA-VT Farm Share Program relies on collaboration and community support to fund the share subsidies. Funds are raised through a statewide annual fundraiser called Share the Harvest, through statewide grants, and from individual donations from members of CSA programs. In the end, the program is truly a community effort, with many hands supporting the cost of the subsidies. This is what the cost-sharing of the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program looks like:

Farm Share Participant Pays: 50% of Total Share Cost *

CSA Community Members Donate: 25% of Total Share Cost

NOFA-VT Contributes: 25% of Total Share Cost

If you want to donate to this fund for an specific person or for someone in need in our community.

Please send us an email to express your interest.

If you are interested in apply to this program see the instructions here.

Application Instructions

  1. Review the information contained on this web page.

  2. Choose Ananda Gardens as your farm to participate in this program

  3. Determine what size share you would like to receive from our summer CSA and how much it costs here.

  4. Complete an online Farm Share Application, or download a paper application and return to NOFA-VT (pdf) (doc) by mail or email.

  5. Your application will be reviewed by NOFA-VT and you will be notified regarding your application status within four-six weeks of submission.

  6. If your application is approved, you will be provided instructions for next steps, including arranging payment for your portion of the CSA share directly to the CSA farm.

Apply and get more Information: Emmet Moseley | | 802-434-7162

To Donate to Ananda Gardens Farmily Found as a community member please contact Melisa Oliva at or call 802 279 0337/ 802223 1951

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