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What is the most important phase of Farming?


When you think about farming the images that comes to your mind are probably related to planting, weeding, harvesting, etc. Do you know that there is a well kept secret that only farmers know? Within the most quiet months of the year, February marks the starting of a new phase for us: We start dreaming!

Either seated patiently with a warm cup of tea or actively walking in the snow, all bundle up. The planning, envisioning, moving material, selecting seeds, establishing contacts with providers, etc. is starting to happen.

This is a fun and engaging season for us and it is only possible because there is a community who believes in local farming as a solution, and this community is partnering with us to make this solution.

We are powered by a community who trust us the critical mission of grow food for them, for their beloveds, and for their community.

Thank you for choosing us and for being part of this dream!

If you haven't done it jet. Today is a good day to sign up for one of our CSA and give to the tradition of local, organic farming an opportunity to grow and continue serving our people.

You are part of the change that we all want to see in the world.

Our Ananda Gardens Community is a growing tribe of caring people: we care about our health, we care about our common future, and we care about the wellbeing of our planet.

Thanks for all the amazing support and inspiration you give us.

Let's continue dreaming together!

What will be possible for you if your dreams come true?!

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