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Spring CSA Starts on April 10th

Sign up today to our 3 Season CSA, Spring, Summer, or/and Fall.

We are getting ready to our first season of the year and it is important for us to know in advanced how many of you would join us this 2024 farming year.

March is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to planting, and preparing for the year. Our germination chambers are full, our seedling green houses are buzzing ant the big green houses are starting to wake up in vernation.

We are waking up too!!

Hiring new team members, preparing infrastructure, and building up a new creative temporary solution for our Farmstand.

We are excited and hoping for the best! Also preparing for what ever the climate crisis will bring our way.

We are doing this with all of you. Our community who support us in so many different ways.

From the ones who sign up for a CSA, to the ones that share or information, and those who pray or send us their best intentions to thrive and succeed. Thank you!

Your generosity is an investment in the organic farming movement!

And for us, your neighbor farm family, it mean a lot!

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