2020 has shown us the vulnerability of our food system and how much power we have to strengthen the social and economic fabric of our local food systems.

For those who understand the impact of their food choices, Ananda Gardens is offering for the first time a 3 SEASON CSA (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021).

This is an opportunity to secure your food now and partner with Ananda Garden as a sustaining member in order to help us grow healthy food for our community. 

As a bonus, we are offering to deliver a special Christmas basket with root crops and greens for the first 20 members to sign up. 

Our 3 SEASON CSA can be paid in instalments or full payment. Cash or online.

As always this CSA options includes an insulated bag to keep your order fresh and cool.

You can Add-on fresh farm eggs and freshly baked bread from Rise Up Bakery.

CSA Members also receive a weekly email with a list of what to expect, and recipes and tips from the farm kitchen.

Spring CSA is offered in a Standard bag picked up at our farmstand.

Summer and Fall CSA come in convenient different sizes and can be delivered or picked up at our market style farmstand.

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2021 SUMMER AND FALL CSA Size Options 




Our Jumbo Share is ideal for 3 to 4 people that eat lots of veggies. A family of vegetarians, vegans or plant-based food eaters.



Our Medium Share is ideal for 3 to 4 people, or 2 people that eat lots of veggies.




Our Small Share is ideal for 1 to 2 people.

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Our 3 SEASON CSA can be paid in 5 payments (Dic/2020, March/2021, May/2021, July/2021, and September/2021. You can also pay in full. We prefer cash or check. We can also send you an online bill with 2.6% + $0.35 added to cover credit card fees.  

Our Spring CSA is a very convenient standard pre packed bag of greens and roots. For our Summer and Fall CSA  you can choose the amount of vegetables that suits you best: Small (5 items), Medium (7-8), and Jumbo (10-12).

You can get your Summer and Fall CSA home delivery (add $52.00, $2 per weekly delivery) or you can come to our Market Style Farmstand.

For 2021 we are planning to have add-ons, like our farm fresh eggs, Rise Up Bakery breads, Maple Syrup, Raw honey, seasonal local, organic fruit and more. As a sustaining member you will enjoy the benefits of preference for availability and special sales.

Get all the convenience of your Ananda Gardens CSA, with the tranquility of knowing that we got your veggies covered for 3 seasons of the year!

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