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Ananda Gardens is a diverse, small scale farm, located 10 minutes from downtown Montpelier.

Operated and owned by a bicultural family of four: Patrick the farmer, Melisa the Chef and Health Coach, and the daughters Ananda (5 years old) and Baby Munay, who are the inspiration and motivation. They work in collaboration with a skillful and inspired team of young farm workers.

Our Mission is to provide healthy food and wellness to our community working in connection with nature, and inspire healthy living. We accomplish this by using innovative and regenerative farming practices to produce delicious and nutritious food in living soil. Offering fresh, delicious, and nutritious organic veggies through a Convenient Home Delivery CSA, Market Style Farmstand CSA, and wholesale.


Ananda Gardens is an expression of living a happy life with purpose and mindfulness, always searching for balance and harmony with our nature.


Our Vision is to live in wellness, grow, and prosper in connection with nature.


We are here to be happy, be in harmony, and be mindful


We express happiness through the quality of our produce and service, with friendliness and belonging, always in search for balance.


We live in harmony through our commitment to be organized, consistent, systematic, and open to change, reducing risk and flowing in our work with confidence and efficiency. Flowing with great communication in a growing mindset team


We are mindful with an awakened presence, moving with purpose, putting our intentions into actions. Understanding the deep reasons of why we do what we do (following systems and procedures) and taking care of our resources and each other, with compassion and empathy.

Meet your farmers


Patrick Sullivan

Patrick is the farm manager of Ananda Gardens. He manages the farm crew and daily operations. He is committed to innovative growing practices and constantly learning and improving. He graduated from the UC Santa Cruz Farming apprenticeship, and has a degree in Geology from Colorado College. He has experience farming in the US, Peru and El Salvador. His other interests include meditation, yoga, literature, and water sports.


Ananda & Munay

Sullivan Oliva

This two of a kind girls are the main inspiration for what we do.  It is our goal to provide them with the best quality food and create a wonderful childhood developing a strong connection to nature.

Ananda is a creative, kind, independent, and fun kid. She loves being a therd grader at Rumney Memorial Elementary School. On her free time she plays the piano, plays soccer, do gymnastics, and dances ballet. Munay has started her life with a whole food plant based diet only. She is a corious, strong, big and healthy girl who loves to sing even before talking!


Melisa Oliva

Melisa Oliva is a certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach. She is Certified as a Whole Food Plant Based Educator. Melisa manages the Wellness Culture, Marketing and Community Outreach at Ananda Gardens. For over 14 years Melisa has been developing experience in the field of Wellness through her practice as a Yoga Teacher, and as an Expressive Arts Coach and Educator. Out of work you can find her cooking vegan meals with her two daughters, exercising with her husband and finding time for herself to develop a greater apreciacion of the beauty that surrounds her.

Ananda is a sanskrit word that means bliss. For us farming and sharing what we grow is bliss. It is to eat and live well,  serve our community, respect the sacredness of earth, and honor its gifts.

What does Ananda mean?

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