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Raw Tomato Salsa
from Munay Kitchen

Our frozen tomato salsa is a combination of our Ananda Garden Tomatoes, sweet peppers, garlic, and basil.

Our recipe is a very versatile recipe that will allow you to enjoy it in any way you want.

We recommend to  use it in the amounts you need. If you want around 4 cups of salsa you may want to thaw it all. If not you can break it into half and use half or 1/4 of it. We freeze it in a way that would be easy for you to calculate how much you want to use. 

It comes without salt or any other flavors so you can give it your personal touch by adding the herbs you like. For example  add  Italian herbs (oregano, pepper, more basil, etc.), cook it until it has lost some liquid and it will be a great pizza or pasta base. You can also let it cook with other vegetables (carrots, potatoes, etc.) and add beans, cumin, some chipotle and have a chili bean.

You can also eat it on rice, chickpeas, potatoes, lentils with coconut cream and curry, etc.

Our raw tomato salsa is very sweet, it can also be a great base for tomato chutney for your to enjoy!

Because it is already frozen we recommend you to either storage it in the freezer to use it later, brake it and use it partially, or thaw it all and cook it immediately.

It is not indented to be eaten raw. Although it is so delicious that you may want to try it!

We recommend to cook it because it will have a more smother consistency.


If you want more like a tomato cream salsa, once is thaw you can blend it and you will create a silky tomato salsa that can me a tomato soup just by adding vegetable broth, salt and pepper.

Other ideas on what to do with your Munay Kitchen Raw Tomato Salsa

- Tortilla Chips and Salsa

- Tortilla Soup

- Pasta al pomodoro

- A tomato curry


-Hot sauce by adding some jalapenos. 

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