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Row or cooked: Radishes are back!

Actualizado: 1 jun 2018

The first crop that I planted on my first gardening class where radishes. I was so excited just to harvest something that I planted myself that by the time that I have them in my kitchen I just realize...O.G.! I don't even eat radishes.

That was long a go and last year finally I decided I will give them a second chance. selling them at Westfield farmers market, one of our customers told me she will eat them cooked.

What a tip!

I started to research and I learned that not only you can eat them raw but you also, radishes are super beneficial for us and super nutritious.

I learn that they are good for weight Loss by Improving cardiovascular system and in the treatment of many deseas including cancer.

Tho find out 20 surprising facts about radishes go to organic facts.

The other interesting thing about radishes is that you can eat them cooked. I learn from my brother (how is a nutrition specialist and profesor at a university in Germany) that the must nutritious part of radishes are the leaves. So I started to use them in my recipes just like any other green: on sautés, soups, on rices, pastas, etc.

I love them!

They are not only delicious but their texture is tender and they blend very well with the other ingredients providing a great lively green and more fiber to my meal.

Here it is my latest favorite, insured in the Peruvian-chinese traditional food called Chifa.

You can play around it and create your own by replacing the rice for cooked potatoes, pasta, quinoa or any other grain that you like.

From the kitchen of Ananda garden to you, we hope you enjoy it!

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