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Pre-Launching our 2022 CSA's for 2021 CSA Members.

We are pleased to announce that sign ups for our 2022 CSA are now open!

Sign up early and reserve your place in next year's CSAs today!

For 2022 we have new offerings for our Spring CSA

  • We will offer Spring CSA Convenient Home Delivery and pick up at the Market Style Farmstand.

  • Spring CSA will also offer our 3 different sizes for you to chose: Small (6 items), Medium (9 items), and Jumbo (12 items).

Become a Sustaining Member and enjoy the benefits

Sign up for our 3 seasons CSA and pay up front. If we received your payment before December 15th, you will get a gift basket of produce worth approximately $35. We can deliver it to you or we can arrange a time and date for pick up.

As a Sustaining Member you will receive a free pass to our first class of the Food for Life program . We will be hosting The Healthy Basics Curse, a 4 sessions online class that will provide you with science-based information, tools and resources to understand the power of your plate and how the way you eat can improve your health and prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc. This class will be lead by Melisa Oliva, our wellness and community outreach manager, and it is schedule to start on February 2nd.

Reason to sign up early

We rely on early sign ups in order to thrive. One major change for our farm in the past year and a half has been in the supply chain. Where we used to employ a lean model of business by ordering supplies when we needed them, we are now increasingly challenged to purchase many of our year's supplies up front and early! We will be ordering the bulk of our seeds for next year before 2021 is over in order to get the tomato, carrots and salad varieties we all love. We also purchase many of our bulk inputs such as compost and woodchips in the Fall prior to the growing season so they are here when we need them. We all know that everything is going up in price and so are all the inputs we use to produce your food. Our health depends on the quality and availability of vibrant food. We are doing our best to provide you with the best quality food with reasonable prices.

As many of you are aware there is a crisis in our region with the workforce. Finding qualified and hard workers that want to farm is a challenge in the best of times. We want you all to know that your farm is doing everything we can to create a fantastic work culture and pay the best wages we can afford, even if it cuts into our farms profitability. We are pushing to increase everyone's wages because as it gets even more challenging to work under extremes of the weather, our team shows up everyday and grows the food that feeds us.

As a farm we are constantly focused on improving our ability to offer consistently delicious, healthy, and fresh food to our community. We are also absolutely committed to creating a healthy and fairly paid workplace. We do this while always acting to improve the farm by creating biodiversity in the soil and developing our farming infrastructure. We are so grateful and excited you are on this journey with us.

Together we are:

Protecting natural resources

Increasing our resiliency in the face of natural disasters

Storing carbon in the soil by increasing the long term fertility of the farm

Releasing fewer greenhouse gases

Creating a vibrant local economy by paying fair wages to our team

As our region continues to change through the climate crisis, COVID, and complexity of so many dynamics our farm needs to be able to adapt quickly and rely on the support of our community to keep us here and make us stronger together! You have the power right now to have an impact. Being part of our CSA shows your commitment of being part of the solution. We are certain that you all do your part in so many areas to help the world become a better place and we are so grateful to be your farmers. For us it is an honor to play a part in nurturing all the good you do in the world.

Thanks for supporting us!


I you are ready to step up for your local farmers

Consider subscribing soon since we already have people sign up

(and we even have launch the CSA's)😱😲😁

Thank you and know that we already miss you in the farm!!!

With gratitude,

The Ananda Gardens Farmily

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