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2023 CSA Early Bird Registration

PAY FOR your 3 seasons CSA’s in full

by December 15th and get better prices:

Small $1,156

Plus Delivery $1,258

Medium $1,428

Plus Delivery $1,530

Jumbo $1,870

Plus Delivery $1,972

**Starting December 16th we will raise prices to follow the rate of inflation (approx. 10%).

Discount will only apply for full payments of check, cash, VENMO, and credit card received on or before December 15th of this year. Not valid for check payment plan.

Our price increase for next year follows the market tendency and will allow us to continue offering to our community fresh and local food. Thanks for your understanding!

Our 2023 CSA offerings are only possible by the contributions of our CSA members.

When You trust and support us, we are able to pre purchase materials for next year, pay farm staff salaries, and ensure the farm can thrive.

By purchasing your CSA early you are helping our farm to grow local food and you are making an investment in our community. Growing a farm is a community effort, we work together very hard each year to make this happen!

Prices starting December 16th for 2023 CSA

Small Share $1,224

$36/ week (6 items)

Plus Delivery $1,326

Medium $1,564

$46/week (8 items)

Plus Delivery $1,758

Jumbo $2,057

$60.50/week (11 items)

Plus Delivery $2,158

If you have any questions, please

contact us directly to

802 279 0337 (Call or TMS)

Melisa Oliva

Wellness and Community Outreach Manager

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