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Discover the Power of your plate to improve your health and the health of our planet

Plant-Based Nutrition and Cooking Classes

For 2022 Ananda Gardens is very happy to share with our CSA Members and local community, plant-based nutrition cooking classes that will give you practical tools and the inspiration to incorporate more plants into your diet. Through our classes you will learn how vegetables, legumes, fruits, grains and mushrooms can help your prevent, control or even reverse chronic disease. 

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The importance of Nutrition and
Cooking classes at Ananda gardens

There is a correlation between the damage to the environment that is causing the climate crisis we are  living in, and the way we are producing our food. The demand of consumers is what defines the impact to the health of our ecosystems. Important science research shows that in order to change the way we relate with nature we need to take daily actions, three times a day, using the power of our plate. Developing a Whole Food Plant Based diet not only will improve your health but will also be a greater contribution to the wellness of all.

Many of us are aware of this conflict and the solutions we can collectively and individually implement, we rationally know what to do. The question is how, where to start and if these changes will be sustainable for us.

That is why Ananda Gardens wants to be a source of science based resources, for our community to get inspired, and have strategies, tools and the knowledge to make the changes that works for each of us and our families.

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