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Week 1: your first Share is here!

As farmers our main goal is to grow the best quality food we could offer to our customers. As humans this deep desire comes from our yearning to be part of the solution. In a world full of overarming and endless troubles.

So our CSA is our humble offering to you and the wellbeing of all.

Yesterday doing the deliveries I felt this absolute confirmation from the universe of being and doing a good job. In every smile, hug and great. We even got cookies and banana bread!!

So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For your support and for being such a great community for Ananda Gardens family.

We are open for business in our farm stand at the farm and you can come, shop some veggies, sit in the out door pick nick table, bring your little ones to play in the sand pit and visit the chickens and the gardens.

We have create a little farm stand right at the porch of the farm house. In the fridge you will find all the veggies from this week harvest and you can live your payment at the honor box.

Here is a little remainder or what is in your CSA and in the farm stand for this 1st week.

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