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Sharing freshness to keep Montpelier Alive

We just watched the video produced by @Montpelier Alive and we are so touched and Inspired that we wanted to share it with our community.

It is like a dream come true to see our farm, our home from above. And to have a greater perspective to see how our work as farmers in this community has gone this far.

This year we are facing new challenges, creating new opportunities and envisioning what it is to be a wellness farm in VT, and how can we both fertilize our soil and nourish our community.

Our crops come out delicious from keeping our soil healthy and alive, in this same way our relationship with this community keeps growing and getting stronger with the years, because we are passionate about our role here to co create a vibrant, strong and awaken local heart. And is this heart beat what move us to do a better job, to find creative ways to serve our community to bring health and wellness.

Thanks again to Montpelier alive for launching this first video as part of the #MontpLove film series, and feature Ananda Gardens farm and family with lents of respect and love.

In their words:

" Welcome to Montpelier, America’s small town capital, where you can find genuine Vermont, Served Daily. There is just no place quite like Vermont; and there is no place better to experience all that Vermont has to offer than Montpelier. Montpelier has become known as a place for foodies in recent years with an explosion of new restaurants opening. We invite you to take a culinary adventure in the Capital City. No matter what your taste is, Montpelier has it all. If you are looking for Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, southern cooking, crepes, or the perfect cup of locally-roasted coffee, you will find it here. Farm- to-table is a way of life in Montpelier, making eating out in the Capital City an experience of fresh and organic produce, meats, and dairy. We invite you to explore the many fabulous eateries in Montpelier and treat your palate to a culinary vacation".

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