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Let's grow our community

To continuing thriving and growing together as a farm community, we need to increse our Summer CSA membership.

Our favorite way to grow our membership is through referrals of happy members. To reward your support we have created a referral reward program. Every time a new CSA member sign up and give us the name of their referral we will give that person a $25 credit to use through our Summer CSA. This credit can be redim in our Market Style Farmstand or use in our Convenient Home Delivery. Members can also chose to put this credit towards their fall CSA membership.

When you refer a friend or neighbor tell them to leave your name at the comment and question box when they sign up their Summer CSA form. Once we have your information. We will send you more information on how you can chose to redeem your credit.

Thanks for your continuing support and may this summer be a healthy and happy season for all!

With gratitude and hope,

Ananda Gardens Family

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