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Launching our Farm Stand Credit Program and new look!

Life is a flow of ups and downs. And our path is full of reasons to be grateful and glad. Life is constantly challenge us in unthinkable and unpredictable ways. That is way been creative is part of of evolving and growing.

It was not easy to receive the news that we were not accepted at the Montpelier Farmers market. It seamed like last year went so well that it took us by surprise the news that the board did not accept our application for this year.

Coming from dnying, to fear, to excitement. This decision has pushed us to move forward and rethink our ways to evolve and adapt to be able to thrive and succeed.

We been flirting with the idea of developing Ananda Gardens Farm as a place for community, and wellness. Considering that this will happen in the near future.

It seams like the time has come, the conditions have started to set and this is the true direction that we feel called to go.

We want to offer at our farm a place for our members to connect with land and nature, to relax and enjoy the bounty of the harvest while we share our gifts and passions: wellness and organic living.

In this direction, we have change the look of our Ananda Gardens Logo and we have add our new adventure as a slogan: "Vermont`s wellness farm".

This is a statement of who we are are and what are we doing. We are here in Vermont to co-create a space to honor wellness and wellbeing as the bases of an organic living.

We are aware that we need you in this new adventure. We need te support of our customers, friends and neighbors to co-create this together.

Thinking out of the box, we have launched this Farm Stand Credit Program.

The FSC membership will allow you to support us pre-paying for your produce while you manage your budget and chose what you want, int he amounts you need.

We know that many of you have your own gardens and this will be a great way to complement your harvest with what you are not growing. To learn more about what are we growing this year, we invite you to visit the section "Vegetables on your CSA" to get a list of the vegetables, roots, and herbs that will be available at our farm stand.

We plan to have a fun and vibrant summer. Our farm stand will be the hart beat of a weekly Wednesday gathering that would include farm visits, movie nights, bonfires, taco and salad bar, family events, and much more!

Please join us in this new adventure and support the future of our friend by becoming members of our CSA or/and FSC Programs.

We are looking forward to meet you here at your farm,

with Love,

Ananda Gardens Family

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