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Launching our 2023 CSA’s Sign up Opening

Dear community,

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2023 CSA’s Sign up opening. From now on you can reserve your spot for us to grow your food next year.

Just like planning your vacations, reserve a spot on your favorite camping ground, schedule an important appointment, etc. Planning ahead will allow you to guarantee the peace of mind of getting your fresh veggies all set up for you and your family next year.

Throughout the years we have been growing delicious and local fresh vegetables thanks to your continued support and trust.

Our CSA Farm Share Program is a prepaid service that provides our community with seasonal local fresh produce.

This 2023 we will offer 8 weeks of Spring CSA (April to June), 16 weeks of Summer CSA (June to September) and 10 weeks of Fall CSA (September to November). Home Delivery and on our Market Style Farm Stand.

Sign up to one, two or all of our 3 seasons and be part of a community of people who are co creating food sovereignty while promoting health and wellness in their lives by eating delicious fresh and local produce.

You can sign up today and pay later before the season starts.

You can pay full or pay using payment installments.

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