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Happy National CSA Day! EAT HEALTHY, BE HAPPY!

CSA connects individuals and local farms, like Ananda Gardens, in a mutually supportive relationship.In a CSA, people become members of a farm in exchange for recurrent shares of the seasonal harvest.This relationship transcends the usual commercial transaction by having farmers and members share the risks and benefits inherent to agriculture.CSA provides consumers with a deep connection to their food and the people who grow it.

Let's Celebrate!

The first 10 people who sign up and pay by this weekend will get a free bag of spinach and a dozen eggs. "Vermont is a unique place.

We appreciate organically grown produce. We seek out and actively support local family farmers through such programs as our CSAs.

Ananda Gardens does all this and more. They deliver your weekly CSA right to your doorstep if you so desire. And in the process one comes to know the face of the family behind the farm: Patrick, Melisa, and their two children, Ananda and Munay.

You can expect quality, service, and personal attentiveness to individual requests. That all comes as part of the package when you support Ananda Gardens.

What is possible beyond that?

I call it produce with a soul. That is uncommon. Please support them.

Stephanie Hoelscher, on behalf of Ananda Gardens as a full member for her third year

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