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Coming Soon! Ad-on Certified Organic Bluberries to your CSA!

In the next couple of weeks we will have abailable at the farmstand real local certified organic blueberries from Elmore Roots Fruit Tree and Berry Nursery.

As many of our CSA requested in our recent satisfaction survey and to make CSA Members happy, we are partnering with Elmore Roots, fruit, nuts and berry Farm to get real local organic blueberries.

Stay tuned to be part of our farm community!

Getting local food to the people!

There will be

Blueberries in little wooden boxes 6.4 oz  $6


Blueberries in 3# containers  $27

Here is a note of David Friedman from Elmore Roots Fruit Tree and berry Nursery:

"Planted years ago on our northern vermont hillside in elmore vermont we walk through soft curving rows of northern kiwis and black currants to get to our blueberry groves. Here we find a mix of all the hardiest and tastiest varieties that thrive in our cold climate,  bringing  you the juiciest and most flavorful blueberries you will find. We wait until they are perfectly ripe and deep blue 

and they are harvested by our two daughters who grew up with these magical bushes. The toads and salamanders and birds work together with us to bring you true organic, true local, truly wonderful blueberries perfect for eating or freezing for later in the winter."

From the people who work the land gently and bravely at elmore roots

melissa, noelle, ari, eric, tristan, gaia, navah, gideon, clara, alec and david and all their helpers in the natural balance up here...

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