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Co creating wellness at our farm with our community

Thank you to all of you who come to this past weekend activities. We had a lovely "gift to the land" ceremony with members of our CSA, neighbors and friends. We had the chance to be closer to the magic of the present, to be grateful and offer respect to the Great Mother who feeds us all. And then we shared a delicious meal that was by donation. Children play, adults laugh and connected. It was a dream come true!

On Sunday our friends who were raising money and awareness about the Healing Turtle Island Ceremony had a successful event were our community had the chance to be pampered and relax in the beautiful seating of a sunny day at the farm.

There were tarot readings, foot baths, clay mask and delicious food from the farm prepared by Chef Suzie Ford.

Here are the recipes of our "gift to the land" ceremony and celebration. Enjoy and may this summer be the best ever!

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