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Celebrating 3 years of being here

It was a long drive. It was dark when we arrive and it was hard to recognize the place. We unload or things from the car and we wake up the next morning in Montpelier, VT.

Since the very first morning we meet great people and started to feel at home.

Our first 1 acre farm in Dillon Rd was a great place to started surrounded by a great community of friends and neighbors.

Now, in Horn of The Moon Rd. this historic organic farm opens up a whole new chapter of our story.

We are here because we believed it was possible. But of course we have had the bless of the love and the trust of our community.

2018 is going to be a year of new challenges and possibilities.

We have been receiving the great news of past CSA members signing up again and really, it give us a big smile to see your names and knowing that we count on you to be with us in this journey.

Here are some pics of the "Behind the scenes" of the beginning of our farming year.

Thank you! Gracias! Padiux!

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