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Celebrate with us National #CSADay

Launching our

2020 Summer CSA

“Eat Healthy, Be Happy”

February 28th is National #CSADay.

The day marks the most popular day of the year to sign up for a farm share. And we are celebrating it with many other family farms across the nation.

During the summer. You can pick up your farm share at Ananda Gardens on Thursdays and Fridays. Or get it conveniently delivered to your home or workplace on Wednesdays.

For 16 weeks, from June through September. Our Weekly farm share benefits you in many ways. A CSA nudges you away from grab-and-go food, helps to save time and money, and can help with building our relationships, because the family that is conscious about their food choices, bond together, in the enjoyment of their healthy meals.

Celebrate National CSA Day

from our friends from Farm Central

about CSA around the USA and how the CSA members

are creating strong local economies and

benefiting from eating delicious, fresh veggies!

Celebrate family farms, celebrate national CSA Day with us!

Already a 2020 CSA Member?

Be an advocate for organic family farming!

Share with your contacts your farmers CSA information and spread the word on how to create a different model of organic agriculture.

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