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Become a sustaining member: Sign up for our 2021- 3 Season CSA

Spring, Summer and Fall veggies all around!

2020 has shown us the vulnerability of our food system and how much power we have to strengthen the social and economic fabric of our local food systems. For those who understand the impact of their food choices, Ananda Gardens is offering for the first time the option to sign up for our 3 SEASON CSA (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021). This is an opportunity to secure your food and partner with Ananda Garden as a sustaining member in order to help us grow healthy food for our community.

As a bonus, we are offering to deliver a special Christmas basket with root crops and greens for the first 20 members to sign up.

Our 3 SEASON CSA can be paid in payment slatments or full payment. Cash or online.

All the convenience of your Ananda Gardens CSA, with the tranquility of knowing that we got your veggies covered for 3 seasons of the year.

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