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We love beets are incredibly nutritious, sweet-as-candy,



versatile, and stunningly beautiful. You can use the roots


and the leaves. 

The most powerful health benefits of beets include their ability to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, boost athletic performance, and prevent cancer. They also help in providing relief from macular degeneration, improve blood circulation, aid in skincare, prevent cataracts, build immunity, and relieve respiratory issues. These benefits of beetroots can be attributed to their richness in nutrients,vitamins and minerals.


If you get beets with their greens on, cut the greens off the roots and store them separately in plastic bags in your fridge. The roots raw and without their greens will last for weeks, if not months.  After boiling them or roasting them, you can also store them with their water or juices, in a container in the fridge; they will last for a week or more.

Cooking Tips

The key to delicious beets is cooking them until fully tender and dressing them generously with lemon or vinegar while still warm. Though you can certainly eat beets raw in a smoothie or salad (shredded), or steam them, we also like them roasted. Roast or boil (with their skin) a batch of beets ahead of time and use them throughout the week to make dips, soups, sandwiches, or salads. They are also good as food colorant that we use for kids' projects and make funny foods or drinks, like pink pancakes, pink smoothies, etc. If they come with greens, cook the greens as you would chard.


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