Experience Wellness at your farm

We define wellness as the quality or state of being healthy

in body, mind and spirit,

as the result of our actions and intentions.

As a wellness farm our goal is to Promote health,

strengthening the fabric of our community,

providing opportunities for interconnection with nature and between each other,

in the peaceful and beautiful working landscape of our beloved farm.

We do this through 3 main areas of focus:



We can change our world through our food choices. So our goal is to increase awareness and give inspiration to reframe ideas on nutrition and change the paradigm of our taste, re educating the paladar. For the health of our bodies and for the health of the planet.

Activities: Weekly recipes through the summer newsletter and blog, farm events like: dinners, farm takeouts, workshops, potlucks, lectures, film projections.


We are committed to foster and promote a culture of peace, with a calm state of mind and centeredness to allow us exploration of meaning, purpose and our values. That is why we foster practices that help us improve focus and attention, reduce stress, and develop a sense of interconnection within and with nature. To blossom empathy and kindness, supporting a loving and compassionate approach to life.

Activities: Ceremonies and rituals based on spiritual/cultural traditions, meditation, yoga, fitness, storytelling, music and signing, creative writing, and all forms of contemporary and ancient arts.


We want to be a source of inspiration and life purpose. Encouraging a growing mindset in times of disappear and troubles, where organic farming and its life has so much to offer as a solution and an alternative. We believe in the power of improving ourselves, our relationships and the environment. Offering  activities focused on themes on human relationships, environment and climate justice, and community building.

Activities: volunteering, farm visits, educational experiences, farm events like:  playdates, storytelling, live music, potlucks, movie nights, etc.

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