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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you prefer to be paid in advance

for the farm shares?

When you prepay for your vegetables you are supporting our farm in a very real way . As farmers in Vermont, we have to start planting and caring for the plants that will produce your food many months before you receive your first share. In late February we start seeds in our basement and by late March we are heating a small greenhouse.  

When you pay in advance we receive the capital to start our farming year, avoiding going to a bank and getting a loan to start planting. We also are assured we will have a market for the food we are growing. This is revolutionary, and allows us to farm at a scale in harmony with nature that is supported by our community. 

By paying in advance we become partners enabling the health of our local economy and community together.


What is the main difference between Home Delivery CSA and The Market Syle Farmstand CSA?

The Home Delivery CSA is a diverse selection of vegetables picked out by the farmer each week and delivered right to your door in an insulated tote. We show up in the afternoon to early evening and hand you a bag full of beautiful produce ready to cook and eat! We deliver only within a specific route, check our delivery route to see if you are within our range. This service has an added fee of $2.00 per delivery a week.

The Market Style Farmstand CSA allows you to come to the farm, located just 10 minutes from downtown Montpelier, and pick out what you want from our organic harvest. Each week we set up a Farmstand, and according to the size of the share you paid for, you pick out a certain number of items of your choice. ​It like shoping in a farmers market without the lines and with the benefit of the freshness and better quality, since our vegies are in supermarket style coolers. 

How do I know if you deliver to my house or workplace?

Check our Delivery Route to see if you are within our range. 

Can we customize our share?

If you want to choose exactly which vegetables you get each week, we offer the Market Style Farmstand CSA. 

For logistical reasons we do not offer customization of Home Delivery CSA. We are proud of the variety and freshness in your bag each week and are confident it provides a nice seasonal selection of vegetables, with the convenience of home delivery.

How do Home Deliveries Work?


Every week the farmer will pick for you the best organic vegetables from the garden harvest and create a selection of produce based on the availability and diversity available. Then shares will be packed in an insulated Ananda Gardens tote, so that your produce will stay fresh for many hours if you are not home when we drop your bag off. We drop your produce off at the door of your home or workplace. 

Each week you will leave the empty bag out for us and we will bring you a full bag of delicious and fresh produce. And so on, for 16 weeks during summer and 10 weeks during Fall. This service has an added fee of $2.00 per delivery. 


Does the delivery have any additional cost?


The delivery fee is $3.00 per delivery.  Your payment also covers the price of 1 insulated tote, that you get to keep at the end of the season. These special insulated totes ensure your produce will stay fresh during delivery.

How do you measure the value in each bag?


We give you a certain number of items each week, depending on whether share size you sign up for: a small, medium or jumbo share. An item is a bunch, a bag or 1-2 lbs of a vegetable. We do not just fill up the bags, we make sure you are receiving a fair value and seasonal diversity for each week, with ingredients that you can use to prepare complete meals.

What happens if I am going

on vacation for a week or I need to skip a week?

For our members that are going on vacation we offer the choice to put your share on hold for one week, and you get credit you can use at the Farmstand in the remaining weeks of the CSA or double your share the next week. You must let us know by Saturday the week before, so that we can plan accordingly. 

If you go on vacation for multiple weeks you can choose to donate your share after the first week to Community Harvest of Central Vermont.

What if I don't recognize something in my bag?


You can check our website under Recipes as we are updating it frequently in accordance with what we have ready in our garden. You can also always text us at         (802) 279 0337 or email us at


How can I pay for my CSA?

We prefer that you pay in full when you sign up in the spring. We DO exceptions for CSA members that need an installment plan of 2 payments).

It is very helpful to us to get your payments at the latest a month in advanced so that we can cover the costs of starting the CSA farming year. You can pay by check or online with a credit card, with 3% added to cover credit card fee.

We also offer a monthly payment plan by check to accommodate members that need to pay over the course of the summer of for sustaining members that pay for the full year. For example for the summer CSA, you send us 5 checks, one dated when you sign up and three post dated for June 1st, July 1st, August 1st, and September 1st, and we will deposit accordingly. 

Thank you for your preference and understanding.


How to sign up for a 4 payments plan?

1. Fill out the CSA order form. ***this is important to give us your contact information and to know which share option are you choosing***

2.Divide the total amount of your payment by 4 (Summer CSA)

3. Write 1 check with today’s date for the first payment

4. Write 3 checks post dated:

July 1st, 

August 1st, 

September 1st.

5. Send the 4 checks together on an envelope to: Ananda Gardens, 2416 Horn of the Moon Rd. Montpelier, VT 05602.

6. As soon as we receive your payment, we will contact you to confirm the payment and thank you.

7. Enjoy all the fresh flavors from the bountiful summer harvest.

Why should I send you 4 checks at once for the payment plan? Can I just send them on the suggested dates over the summer?

We have tried this in the past and it creates a lot more work for us to keep track of members payments. In the interest of focusing our time on growing the best vegetables for our members and keeping our costs down, we ask you to just send us all 4 checks at once. We keep them in envelopes in our CSA file and deposit them on the correct days. This way you can control your budget and we can offer this option with the least amount of added work for us.

Why join Ananda Gardens CSA?


Here are some reasons why you should join Ananda Gardens CSA:

  • You will get a consistent diversity of colorful and beautiful produce according to the seasonal selection, that is grown beyond any organic certification and it is certified organic.

  • You can choose from our Convenient Home Delivery option and receive your share in an insulated bag to keep freshness and quality, or you come to the Farmstand and choose from our weekly harvest.

  • We offer 3 Share sizes so you get exactly what you want, Small share feeds 1 to 2 people, Medium share feeds 2 to 3 people, and Jumbo for a big family of more than 4 and also for veggie lovers/vegans.

  • Payment plan option available for customers to manage their budgets. 

  • Weekly e-newsletter with vegetable list of what comes in the CSA share to help you plan weekly menus and shopping needs. Plus receive tips and recipes to inspire you to cook and eat with the seasons.

  • We are a green business: Committed to sustainable practices that meet and go beyond organic standards.

  • We pay out farm crew a very fair wage to ensure they are well compensated for the hard work they contribute to our farm and community.

  • We are a family owned and operated small scale farm, one of the closest farms to Montpelier. We are your neighbors!

  • You will get a great customers service directly from your super friendly and reliable farmers.


What are the benefits of joining Ananda Gardens  CSA?

We guarantee our CSA members:

  • Outstanding and consistent quality vegetables that are healthy, fresh, organic, diverse, delicious, and ready to eat raw or cook.

  • Convenience and accessibility. 

  • Great value.

  • Inspiration to cook, eat, and live healthy

  • An opportunity to build a strong local and sustainable economy.

  • The power to contribute directly to the wellness of our environment. We farm using techniques that help fight climate change and build a healthy farm ecosystem.

  • A community belonging where individuals and families can learn and enjoy organic healthy living.

  • Our farm offers members of our community the opportunity to connect with the source of their food.

  • Transparency and authenticity in our relationships

  • Constant Improvement of our Services, with flexibility and commitment to understand our membres needs.

What is Ananda Gardens refund policy?


In becoming a member of Ananda Gardens you agree to the terms of service. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between farmers and eaters. It's a step beyond just buying vegetables. When you sign up for the Ananda Gardens CSA, you're paying in advance for your share of the farm's harvest.

The farm share payment is non-refundable. Farming is unpredictable, so we can't guarantee there won't be variations in the quality and quantity of the produce we're able to harvest, depending on many circumstances that are beyond our control.

This is our members commitment to our organic farm:  You are responsible to contact us at Ananda Gardens if there are any questions or concerns. As your farmers we are committed to you, and promise to provide you with the best fresh quality produce we can grow.


If you are not satisfied with your CSA please call us to talk about any changes that we can make to improve our service.  It is our promise to help you have the best experience as our CSA Member.


What is the culture of Ananda Gardens Farm?


Ananda Gardens is a diverse, small scale farm, located 10 minutes from downtown Montpelier. Operated and owned by a bicultural family of four: Patrick the farmer, Melisa the Chef and Health Coach, and the daughters Ananda (6 years old) and Baby Munay (1 year old), who are the inspiration and motivation. They work in collaboration with a skillful and inspired team of young farm workers.


Our Mission is to uses innovative and regenerative farming practices to produce delicious and nutritious food in living soil, creating health and wellness for our community. Offering fresh, delicious and nutritious, whole and pure produce through a Convenient Home Delivery CSA, Farmstand CSA, and wholesale.

Ananda Gardens is an expression of living a happy life with purpose and mindfulness, always searching for balance and harmony with our nature.

Our Vision is To live a good life, grow, and prosper in connection with nature.

We are here to Be happy, be in Harmony, and be mindful.

We express happiness through the quality of our produce and service, with friendliness and belonging, always in search for balance.

We live in harmony through our commitment to be organized, consistent, systematic and open to change , reducing risk and flowing in our work with confidence and efficiency.

We are mindful with an awakened presence, moving with purpose, putting our intentions into actions. Understanding the deep reasons of why we do what we do (following systems and procedures) and taking care of our resources and each other, with compassion and empathy.

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